When I said I could paint, I mean I have a knack for covering things with paint, not creatively detailing a landscape or portrait.

Specializing in Upcycling, Restoration and Custom Design – I seek out and find interesting treasures that need some TLC. I transform them from worn out and old to beautiful and a new. My workspace / studio only allows me to do small furniture pieces like Night Stands, Shelves, Tables, Stools, Chests, Chairs etc. And again, I use my graphic design to make them truly 1 of a kind pieces my adding a vinyl motif.

Just like with all of my customizable items, If you want me to find a particular piece of furniture or décor or you have a piece that you want to see updated, I would love to take on the project!


I find, I take apart, I sand, I stain / paint, I distress, I customize, I seal and then put back together (making any repairs as needed including wood putty, screws / nails, and hardware).


After prepping the piece I sometimes have to prime it. I use various shades of stains and paints The stains can either oil or water based. I prefer chalk paint but depending on the surface, I may need to use latex. To seal, I use either polyurethane or wax.